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Summer Ready
Get the most out of your Porsche this summer

Make sure your Porsche is ready for summer


We would like to invite you to Porsche Centre Mayfair to make sure your Porsche is in optimum condition for the warmer months. We offer three bespoke service offerings, designed to pamper your Porsche and get your car summer ready.

Spring into Summer (available for  Cayenne, Panamera, Cayman and Macan)

The ‘Spring into Summer’ package ensures your Porsche car is looking and performing its best and comprises a thorough valet, a full air conditioning recharge and comprehensive summer holiday check.


  • Exterior hand wash
  • Wheel arch treatment
  • Interior clean and vacuum
  • Glass polish
  • Leather Wash

Air Conditioning Recharge:

  • Drain all refrigerant gas
  • Check entire system for leaks
  • Recharge refrigerant gas including compressor lubricant oil
  • Check system operating pressures and Air conditioning

The Spring into Summer package is available for £199.

Summer Ready (available for the 911 and Boxster)

The essential pamper package comprises two elements:

Roof treatment:

  • Full exterior wash and interior vacuum
  • Hand wash of the roof (removing algae and any dirt)
  • Application Porsche Cabriolet Roof Treatment (conditioning and re-waterproofing)
  • Drying overnight

Ducts and drains check

  • Completely clear and clean the front and rear drains (including the rear drains on the roof)

The Summer Ready package is available for £149.

Summer Ready Plus (available for 911 and Boxster)

The ultimate pamper package includes all of the elements of ‘Spring into Summer’ and ‘Summer Ready’.

  • Roof treatment
  • Ducts and drains check
  • Valet
  • Air conditioning recharge
  • Summer holiday check

The Summer Ready Plus package is available for £299.

Please contact us by  email  for more information or to book a Summer Ready service.