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Keep your Porsche in shape

Keep your Porsche in shape


As the weather gets colder, now is the perfect time to make sure your Porsche is in optimum condition, ready for the demanding conditions of the winter season. Designed for added safety and improved performance, we invite you for a Winter Fit appointment at our service partner, Porsche Centre West London.

Your Winter Fit appointment will include everything your Porsche requires to ensure it is looking and performing at its best during the colder months. Winter specific tests include essential checks to your car’s underbody, battery and alternator. 

Performed by one of our Porsche-trained Technicians, Winter Fit can identify issues that may arise between your scheduled services so you can be assured that your Porsche will deliver peak performance during the winter months. 

Winter Fit is available for £157.50 including VAT. So wherever you plan on driving this winter, make sure you enjoy uninterrupted driving pleasure whatever the weather brings.

Your Winter Fit will include:

  • Vehicle analysis diagnostic check – a full digital report from the vehicle Engine Control Unit
  • Visual check of tyres and oils – to ensure levels are at their optimum for winter conditions
  • Check wipers and lights (interior and exterior) – checking for wiper damage and the condition of the lights
  • Visual check of brakes – analysing brake pad wear and the general condition of the brakes
  • Visual check of electrics and exhaust – ensuring all electrics are working correctly and the condition of the exhaust
  • Washer fluid top up – draining and topping up of washer fluids
  • Check of underbody – a ramp inspection of the vehicle's underbody
  • Voltage amp test of the battery and alternator – full battery drop test including alternator output and holding charge
  • Winter spruce – exterior hand wash, interior clean and vacuum, glass polish and leather wash

You will have the opportunity to ask our specialist team any questions you may have about your Porsche and you will receive a written report.

As Porsche Centre Mayfair does not have an Aftersales Department, our customers are offered Aftersales appointments at our recommended service, maintenance and repair partner, Porsche Centre West London. Please contact them on 020 3733 6204 or email info@porschewestlondon.co.uk for more information or to arrange an appointment.