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Porsche Bike RX

Porsche Bike RX


One last climb. One last push. Give it everything you’ve got. Change up a gear. Hear the gravel beneath your tyres. Lean in to the curve. Accelerate again. Set your sights on the finishing line. And ride beyond it.

Porsche bikes are innovative and impressive. A true Porsche on two wheels, they are as similarly advanced and capable as the cars themselves. The top-class materials have been developed to be highly durable, thanks to advanced technical expertise.

The Porsche Bike RX is a confident off-roader in the Porsche Motorsport look. Ready to blaze a trail, it is equipped with 27.5-inch wheels, a high-end carbon frame and hydraulic disc brakes. This bike can overcome any obstacle and navigate the toughest of terrains with confidence.

Available in three sizes of small, medium and large, the weight is approximately 10kg. 

The Porsche Bike RX is available from Porsche Centre Mayfair for £3,590.00. Contact us on 020 3733 6203 or email info@porschemayfair.co.uk for more information.