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The Porsche Winter Wheel Challenge


Winter time is always a challenge, especially on the road. Get prepared for the season ahead with Porsche Tequipment and a high quality range of winter wheel-and-tyre sets for almost all conditions. Michael Funke, from Porsche Tyre Development, has some great tips for you.

In the United Kingdom the average winter temperature is approximately 4°C, often even lower during commuting hours. Fitting Porsche winter wheels and tyres to your car increases performance, improves safety and ensures enhanced driving pleasure in cold and wet conditions, particularly below 7°C.

As the weather turns and you plan for the colder months, get prepared, drive safely and explore our range with the Tequipment Finder.

Please contact us on  020 3733 6203 or email info@porschemayfair.co.uk for more information or to order a set of winter wheels and tyres.